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Undoubtedly, rose is one of the most beautiful flower in the world and up to now, we have heard a lot of stories about this flower. Rose oil is produced through vaporization of fresh petal of rose flower that contains many ingredients like citronellal, Citral, Karun, Citronellyl acetate, ethanol, Farnesol, methyl Azhnol, nerol, Netanol and so on. Although Rose Oil is an expensive product and its production is faced with annual limits, but it has numerous properties.
In addition to high benefits, rose oil is appetite inducer. It decreases the physical inflammation, increases the body proficiency, and prevent inflammation in the body. It also enhances and strengthens the sense of self-love, confidence, hope and mental power and fight depression. For those who suffer from depression,it is better to use this oil. This oil gives hope to your life and because of that, it is used in aromatherapy for many times to induce positive thinking and beneficent feeling.

In Iran Rose Oil Co., the atmosphere of business and work environment is a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere, and more importantly, it is based on customer orientation. Commitment to ethical and human values and organizational provisions prior to any other principle outlines the framework of activities in this work environment. Integrity and friendship, mutual respect and co-operation, participation in group activities, and the pursuit of all affairs on the basis of consultation and counseling, education Criticism and flexibility are the hallmarks of inter-organizational activities. It should also be noted that in the company of Iranian roses, the value and respect of the customer is very high, and in fact respect for him can be a reason for the survival of the business.
More than 16 years of experience in the field of import, export and clearance of goods have led us to understand the major needs of businessmen and provide solutions to meet their needs.